Elementary Program

January 24, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

Deciding where your children will spend their elementary school years is an important decision.  A Montessori elementary education prepares children to succeed in life, not simply prepare them for the next test in school.  The development of problem solving skills, social communication skills, intrinsic motivation, task completion, and self-confidence are specific aims of a Montessori … Read More

The Early Learning Experience

January 6, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG, Uncategorized

The growing expansion within the public school system of kindergarten and pre-kindergarten is leading to greater public discussion about what a “good” early learning experience should be. These types of articles and discussions enable us, as parents, to be better informed about how schools play a role in our children’s development. Mildenhall Montessori Schools promote … Read More