Healthy competition

May 30, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

The Pan Am and Parapan Am Games have been in Toronto this last month.  What an amazing opportunity to see unbelievable athletes compete in almost 50 different sports, from canoeing and BMX biking to tennis and speed roller skating.  It is also an opportunity to witness the grace and courtesy that truly professional athletes develop in … Read More


May 27, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

Technology is so accessible and available to our children. At Mildenhall Montessori technology is used as a tool for our oldest children, who learn how to type and use the internet for research. Research is inconsistent but generally indicates that screen time influences children’s sleep habits, attention spans, ability to delay gratification, and social emotional … Read More


May 27, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

Summer is a time of contradictions. Our children are on vacation from school while most parents continue to work their busy schedules. We long for the nostalgic summers of ice cream trucks, long hours of exploring the city, the forest, the lakes, and cottages; hours of unscheduled spontaneous time. Instead we end up scheduled, shuttling … Read More


May 27, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

As we approach graduation times, we celebrate being finished with applications, celebrate the receipt of acceptance letters, and the realization that a big transition is ahead. Moving from an elementary program that has been your child’s school home for the last nine years is a BIG deal. Our children leave their Montessori program to attend … Read More