Admissions and registrations occur throughout the year, dependent on available space.

Please contact the school for a tour and observation (click here). You will have the opportunity to see the school, meet the principal and teachers, and watch the children in their classrooms. We encourage you to ask questions about all academic levels in the school and learn about the opportunities available at all levels of the program.

We recommend you consider the following questions when evaluating any school program for your child:


  • How do the teachers assess and record progress?
    • At Mildenhall Montessori our teachers maintain
      • Weekly anecdotal notes
      • Monthly lesson plans
      • A 3 year lesson plan and record, which tracks each individual child’s ongoing progress over the 3 year cycle

All of which a parent is welcome to review.


  • How much contact will I have with my child’s teacher?
    • At Mildenhall Montessori we emphasize communication and accessibility:
      • We have an open door policy - you are encouraged to contact your teacher and the principal at any time.
      • Parent-teacher interviews occur twice a year
      • Teachers will not wait until parent-teacher interviews to contact you with any concerns
      • Teachers are always available by phone and/or email
      • We also have a high rate of teacher retention, which means that over a three year cycle you will develop a relationship with your child’s teacher, that is not attainable in a traditional single year program.


  • Is this an accredited authentic Montessori School?

All three schools of Mildenhall Montessori are accredited by the Canadian Council for Montessori Administrators (CCMA). This accreditation process requires that the schools meet a standardized level of quality education, record keeping, and environment.  Montessori is a method of education and the title is not a protected name. As a result there are many early childhood programs who identify as “montessori” without the credentials, materials, teachers, and physical environments that are essential to the Montessori method.  Consistent with the standards of the CCMA, a Montessori School should:

      • Be accredited and/or associated with a registry that maintains standards relevant to Montessori, for example the Canadian Council for Montessori Administrators (CCMA).
      • Classroom environments should include furniture accessible to children, floor space that they are encouraged to make use of, specially designed Montessori materials, and freedom of movement.
      • Teachers and the Principal should be able to satisfactorily explain to parents how materials are used, how the classroom is set up to address areas of development, how children are introduced to lessons.
      • Classes should include children of different ages within a three year cycle (for example, 3-6, 6-9,9-12).
      • Teachers should have specific Montessori teaching credentials for the classroom they teach.


  • How is discipline managed in the classroom?
        • At Mildenhall Montessori the positive and proactive approach of anticipating challenges and redirecting behaviours means that very little disciplining of behaviours is required in the classroom. Children are intently taught about the natural consequences of their behaviours and how to self-regulate through gentle reminders and clear direction.
        • All children have difficult days. At those times, children are encouraged and guided to take appropriate breaks, understand the impact of their behaviours on those around them, and have repeated opportunity for successful engagement in the classroom.
            • Physical and verbal aggression are not tolerated and are typically responded to with removal from the classroom for a short period, a conversation, and a return to class.
            • Our teachers work to understand the motivations behind all behaviours and recognize the efforts to communicate strong feelings and/or needs.
            • Children in our classrooms are provided freedom with structure - developmentally appropriate expectations for behaviours are held, guided and maintained, with a focus on empathy, respect, consideration, and cooperation.

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    If you decide to apply, please complete the application form. Admissions decisions may be made on a rolling basis, depending on the number of available spaces and current classroom composition. Current students are provided priority in the re-enrollment process.

    Once confirmed for enrolment and accepted into the program, the following is required by the identified date, in order to secure your child’s placement:

              • Non-refundable $1000 registration fee. (This is a one time fee and not required for re-enrollment).
              • Signed payment agreement and post dated cheques or authorized automatic withdrawal form, with amounts determined by selected payment plan.
              • All required contact information and additional documentation.

    Please note: Children as young as 21/2 are welcome, though all children at the primary level must be out of diapers.  The School does not enroll students also attending another school half day.

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