Many parents are concerned with the question of which is the best Etobicoke Montessori School. As we have said many times there are many ways to evaluate the authenticity and quality of any given Montessori school. In Canada, the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA) is the accrediting body ensuring the authenticity of our schools. This accrediting body focuses on supporting schools in providing high quality and authentic Montessori programs, by acknowledging the multiple high quality training programs for teachers that exist in Canada and the USA and recognizing the implementation of the core aspects of the Montessori philosophy.

Montessori was introduced to North America (specifically the USA) in the late 1920s, however, sociopolitical factors reduced its wide dissemination at that time. In the early 1960’s her son Mario Montessori worked to reintroduce the philosophy and methodology into to North America and continue to extend its reach from the youngest ages through adolescence. Since its inception over 100 years ago, Montessori has withstood multiple generational changes, however in broad strokes the methodology has changed very little; the same focus on self discipline, concentration, attention, and will power that is evidenced in the specific activities continues to be as relevant today as 100 years ago. The progression from concrete to abstract using specific materials designed to support the understanding and inspire excitement in learning, has proven to be highly effective in developing strong executive functions.

Beyond having confidence in the authenticity of any given Etobicoke Montessori School, a family must have confidence in the school itself. As one of three schools in Toronto, The Mildenhall School is able to be a small community school with the resources of a larger institution. Ultimately, a decision about school is frequently made as an emotional response to seeing the joy and enthusiasm of the children. Imagining the community that your child will be a part of, identifying the particular values that you hold related to education and children, and other factors contribute to making a choice about school. We encourage you to come and talk with us about all of these factors – let us share our enthusiasm for our children, our schools, and the Montessori method.