“Teach by teaching, not correcting.”

February 8, 2016By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

In a Montessori classroom the child’s effort and work is respected as it is. The teacher carefully plans follow up and individual work to ensure that each child is supported in learning what he or she needs. Through careful observation and detailed record keeping, the teacher intimately knows what each child needs to work on. … Read More

Talking toys and language development.

January 23, 2016By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

There are so many toys on the market – not to mention apps on our cell phones and ohter devices – that make claims to be “educational”.  Recent research neatly disputes these claims by identifying that it is the interactive nature of language between people that supports acutal learning and growth of language skills.  As … Read More


January 23, 2016By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

This week, I heard a new term: Lawnmower Parents.  The latest evolution of the Helicopter Parent (who hovers and hovers in case their child needs them) and the counter to the Tiger Parent (who directs each and every action and behaviour with “hyper disciplinary” engagement).  The Lawnmower Parent clears the way for their child – ensuring … Read More

Executive functioning in Toronto Montessori Schools

September 20, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

Adele Diamond – the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia – discusses in detail the abilities and skills that will be needed for success in the 21st Century.  Specifically, the development of  executive functions: self control, disipline and perseverance, and creativity. Toronto Montessori schools throughout the city … Read More

Healthy snacks

September 2, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

Kids eat ALL THE TIME.  Many children can be “picky eaters”, often overwhelmed by choices, tastes, textures, and smells.  By introducing our kids to a variety of foods, we help to increase their interest and experience with “different”.  At the Mildenhall Montessori Schools, snack is provided to our Casa children throughout the day.  Children are able … Read More

Authentic Montessori

June 6, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG, Uncategorized

We get asked this all the time. “What makes this an authentic Montessori school?” Montessori is a word in the public domain, which means it can be claimed by anyone and used to describe their preschool, toddler, or kindergarten program regardless of recognized authenticity. We are accredited by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators. This … Read More

Healthy competition

May 30, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

The Pan Am and Parapan Am Games have been in Toronto this last month.  What an amazing opportunity to see unbelievable athletes compete in almost 50 different sports, from canoeing and BMX biking to tennis and speed roller skating.  It is also an opportunity to witness the grace and courtesy that truly professional athletes develop in … Read More


May 27, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

Technology is so accessible and available to our children. At Mildenhall Montessori technology is used as a tool for our oldest children, who learn how to type and use the internet for research. Research is inconsistent but generally indicates that screen time influences children’s sleep habits, attention spans, ability to delay gratification, and social emotional … Read More


May 27, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

Summer is a time of contradictions. Our children are on vacation from school while most parents continue to work their busy schedules. We long for the nostalgic summers of ice cream trucks, long hours of exploring the city, the forest, the lakes, and cottages; hours of unscheduled spontaneous time. Instead we end up scheduled, shuttling … Read More


May 27, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

As we approach graduation times, we celebrate being finished with applications, celebrate the receipt of acceptance letters, and the realization that a big transition is ahead. Moving from an elementary program that has been your child’s school home for the last nine years is a BIG deal. Our children leave their Montessori program to attend … Read More

Elementary Program

January 24, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

Deciding where your children will spend their elementary school years is an important decision.  A Montessori elementary education prepares children to succeed in life, not simply prepare them for the next test in school.  The development of problem solving skills, social communication skills, intrinsic motivation, task completion, and self-confidence are specific aims of a Montessori … Read More

The Early Learning Experience

January 6, 2015By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG, Uncategorized

The growing expansion within the public school system of kindergarten and pre-kindergarten is leading to greater public discussion about what a “good” early learning experience should be. These types of articles and discussions enable us, as parents, to be better informed about how schools play a role in our children’s development. Mildenhall Montessori Schools promote … Read More

White House Summit on Early Education

December 9, 2014By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG

On Wednesday December 10th, President Barack Obama will host the White House Summit on Early Education. One of the participants is Trust for Learning, an organization that supports early childhood education that is grounded in empirical research on brain development, and emphasizes the importance of social-emotional development. You can watch the Summit live between 8:15am … Read More

Preparing your children

November 10, 2014By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG, Uncategorized

Most parents and educators share a goal that early childhood education prepare children for later academic achievement. However, increasing national and international focus on standardized testing and assessment of identified academic skills, ignores the evidence that emotional development, which begins early in life, is closely connected with the emergence of cognitive, language, and social skills. … Read More

Toronto events

November 10, 2014By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG, Uncategorized

We are so fortunate to live in the beautiful city of Toronto. There are unlimited activities and events for our Mildenhall Montessori students to experience and share with friends and family. Don’t miss the great events happening all over the city this month: For All: The Royal Winter Fair http://www.royalfair.org Solar Stage Children’s Theatre http://www.solarstage.on.ca/index.html … Read More

Your child’s education

November 10, 2014By aidgaska@gmail.comMAIN SCHOOL BLOG, Uncategorized

We all have lots of questions about our children’s education. This is particularly true as our kids get into elementary school. Toronto has a wide range of elementary schools and making a choice can be difficult. Mildenhall Montessori Schools offer a unique choice to families in High Park, the Annex, and Etobicoke. The Montessori method … Read More