Our parents are our second most important members of our schools (your kids, of course, are first). We know how difficult it is to choose a school for your child and know that you are always considering your child’s well being, safety, and future. We also know that this is a developmental stage in your life - you have a school aged child. For many of our parents, this is the first experience with their most special little person going to school. We want this to be a great time for you.

At all of our schools, we work to develop strong positive and trusting relationships with our parents. We emphasize communication and accessibility, and encourage parents to ask questions and share stories. Through this communication we can collaborate on our shared goals and perspectives of your child.

We hope you understand that because our teachers are hard at work in their classrooms, their availability may appear restricted as they are not able to return emails or phone calls immediately. (Of course, if there is ever an emergency you can always reach us through the main phone numbers at your school.) However, all teachers do their best to respond to phone calls and emails within 24 hours.

Curriculum nights are scheduled every year. These general information sessions are used to share our curriculum and method with parents. These are the opportunities to learn more in depth about materials, ask questions about different levels of the curriculum, and meet other parents.

Parent teacher interviews are scheduled near the end of each term. These are used to discuss your child’s current progress and overall experience in the classroom.

Whenever a teacher has a concern about your child, you will be contacted directly. We don’t think waiting until the parent-teacher interview is appropriate. Those meetings or phone calls will focus on describing the concern and collaborating with you to best support your child. Similarly, if you have a concern, please raise it with your teacher.

Parent Associations

Each school location has a dedicated group of parents who volunteer their time to organize and attend school events, raise funds for extra-curricular trips, and increase the reach of our community. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. It is an opportunity to connect with other parents in the school and play a role in making our great schools even greater.


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