Exceptional Weekly Activities

For the students in the Mildenhall Montessori Middle School, their city, TORONTO, is the perfect “laboratory of real life” in which to engage in a multidisciplinary study of that which makes us human, and as a result prepares for adult life.

Off-site Activities: “Going Out”
Students in the adolescent program have a variety of opportunities each week to go out of the school. You will explore the city of Toronto and immerse yourself in our rich and diverse metropolis. These experiences give you an opportunity to prepare for the adult world, and allow you to achieve greater independence, in a positive way.

All off-site activities are purposeful in nature and will be planned, guided, and led by students with appropriate teacher supervision.

Lunch Program
Twice every week, students will be responsible for the preparation of an adolescent community lunch. On a rotating basis, you will be involved in preparing lunch for yourself and your peers. This activity not only provides nutritional meals for this period of rapid growth, but also provides practical life skills in food preparation, meal planning, clean-up, and collaborative work.

Community Service
Children in early adolescence are evolving into becoming active members of their society. The students at this level, therefore, have a responsibility and need to be involved in the community at large and to be nurtured in activities that support an understanding of interdependence in our world. With guidance from your teacher, you will confer together and determine which forms your community service will take, be it fundraising, volunteering, or a combination of both.

Maria Montessori wrote that the adolescent would “derive great personal benefit from being initiated in economic independence.” For this reason, Mildenhall Middle School students participate in a Micro-Economy project. This is a facet of our program in which you essentially run a small business with your peers; participating in production/service and exchange, and all that it encompasses, from manufacturing to bookkeeping. Potential opportunities could include the operation of a café, maintaining a greenhouse, or a clothing design/silkscreening business, among others.