The Mildenhall Montessori Middle School is presently located in the far east wing of the Mildenhall School building at 35 Ourland Ave.  Situated on a large unique property, the one level school building includes dedicated music, art, and French classrooms, a library, and gymnasium.  There are also wide expanses of playing fields and student built organic vegetable gardens.

The Middle School space will initially be housed within one large, brightly lit classroom with a dedicated entry.  The program will have full use of the kitchen as well as an open community room intentionally used for large presentations, workshops, and meetings.  The students will prepare their outdoor space, with gardens, space for quiet outdoor work and reflection, and recreation.

Located in Mimico, Etobicoke (recently named one of the top 10 neighbourhoods in Toronto by Toronto Life Magazine), the school is conveniently situated near public transit by bus and subway, streetcar directly to downtown, and even the GoTrain for out of town exploration.  It is also within short walking distance or quick bike rides to the local business communities on Royal York Rd., and the Lakeshore.  Mimico Waterfront Park is a kilometre-long green space with pockets of wetland habitats, and boardwalks along the shore that connect to the waterfront trail.  Essentially a location of refuge within a busy metropolis that allows for the best of  both worlds: space and a slower pace, and easy access to all the benefits of the urban setting.

The Montessori philosophy emphasizes that adolescence is a time during which childhood ends and adult life begins.  As a result it is necessary for you to begin to participate in real, adult-like work and begin to understand your role in society.  This is an ENORMOUS task and, precisely for this reason, the single classroom is no longer sufficient.  The prepared environment for the adolescent must include the real world, which can provide opportunities vital to your development as a human being.

For the students in the Mildenhall Montessori Middle School, their city, TORONTO, is the perfect “laboratory of real life” in which to engage in a multidisciplinary study of that which makes us human, and as a result prepares for adult life.