“The elementary child has reached a new level of development. Before he was interested in things: working with his hands, learning their names. Now he is interested mainly in the how and why...the problem of cause and effect.” - Maria Montessori

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The foundation in self initiation, concentration, intrinsic motivation, creativity, and academic skill laid in the early years is built upon with amazing effect during the elementary grades. Your child can continue his or her education within environments that are as equally carefully prepared and shaped to match developmental needs and abilities as in the primary classes.

Instead of “teaching to the middle” (the education practice of teaching to the average student level in the class, resulting in boredom for those who are more experienced and frustration for those who are less experienced with the subject), the students receive individual lessons targeted at helping the child reach the next step in his or her own development. Students are assessed on an ongoing basis to determine comprehension of concepts, level of skill, and the appropriate progression for that individual child.

Academic subjects are presented to our children with an emphasis on the interrelatedness of life. Through the annual repeated presentation of the Five Great Lessons, the elementary child is introduced and reintroduced to concepts as large as the Beginning of the Universe, the Timeline of Life, the Coming of Humans, the History of Writing, and the Story of Numbers. More detailed description of the academic curriculum can be found here. These Great Lessons form the basis for further exploration, which is initiated by the child.


The curriculum and environment - designed to be completed over a three year period - is carefully structured and designed for children to experience both challenge and success at all levels. In addition to the benefits gained from the individual and small group instruction, the three year work cycle enables all children to work at their own pace, directed by personal interests.

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Students receive individual lessons targeted at helping the child reach the next step in his or her own development.


At this stage, the development of practical life skills related to time management, organization, seeking help as needed, and personal responsibility are emphasized. Children are encouraged to start to be responsible for their assignments, to prioritize choice of activities, and to engage in social problem solving and resolution.



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