Would you like to join us?  January 29th - Come see what it is all about.

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What can grades 7 and 8 be for you?

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The Mildenhall Montessori Middle School is a unique social and academic environment that is intellectually challenging, supportive of your own personal development and provides you with real experiences of adult life.

We've outlined the primary goals of the program, described the location and classroom space, and detailed the elements of the Montessori philosophy and curriculum that enable our students to not only develop essential necessary skills but also have the experience of a lifetime.

This is a selective and particular program that attracts students who are curious about the world, strong academically, engaged socially, and intrinsically motivated to explore, explain, and excel.  Come find your people - other young adolescents who want to talk about ideas, make things, engage in their social world, and contribute to their community.

We hope the provided information about the Curriculum, the Exceptional Weekly Activities, the Major Trips, and the Location will spark your interest and curiosity.



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