"The child who concentrates is immensely happy." - Maria Montessori

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The Casa Program at Mildenhall Montessori offers young children a friendly and inclusive environment that promotes discovery, self initiation, and concentration. The activities available to the children are intentionally designed to build skills and understanding through exploration, repetition, and practice.

Guidance is provided to individual and small groups of children by experienced teachers and assistants. Through mindful speech and deliberate physical movement the teacher and assistant clearly demonstrate expected classroom and interpersonal behaviours.

Your child selects her activity, prepares her workspace, and completes the lesson at her own pace, moving on only when she is ready. Developmentally appropriate tasks and activities allow your child to explore properties of size, quantity, volume, weight, and proportion. Other tasks build recognition of letters, sounds, and language. Still others build fine and large motor skills. All activities have built in opportunity for social interaction, care of self and others, and care of physical space. The wide reaching curriculum is described in more detail here.

Lengthy work cycles enable children to make independent choices about activities and develop and experience deep concentration. Through success they build confidence and self esteem. Through sharing with peers they build leadership and collaboration skills.


Mixed-age classrooms create a social environment that is dynamic. One in which leadership, cooperation, empathy, and kindness inherently exist. Younger children are inspired by the activities of their older peers. Older children begin to work on small group projects, building social and relational skills.

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Through success they build confidence and self esteem. Through sharing they build leadership and collaboration skills.


Music, art, French, and physical education activities are integrated into the curriculum on a daily basis. In addition, children in the Casa program receive small group instruction in these enrichment subjects.

The primary program is for ages 21/2 to 6 years of age. Children younger than 5 can attend on a half day basis; children 5 and older must attend the full day program.

Suitability for transition to full day is assessed by the classroom teachers in consultation with the principal and the parents. Many children transition by adding lunch and recess to their mornings. All children are expected to attend five days a week.



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