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The Montessori Young People's Community (Toddler) curriculum is focused on four primary areas: Movement, Sensory, Practical Life, and Language.

Movement Essential to brain development and an understanding of space and physical body, the movement specific aspects of the environment include stairs and a platform to climb and master; floor mats on which to roll and stretch; a push cart to practice walking and core strength; and increasingly challenging materials to explore visual coordination including puzzles, blocks, large beads and string.

Practical Life Central to the Montessori philosophy is the development of skills related to Practical Life - children are deeply interested in the activities that surround them, including caring for their environments. The YPC practical life environment deliberately provides materials for sweeping, serving snack, washing clothing and dishes, arranging shelves, caring for plants, even repairing broken items.

Sensory Through exploration with materials to isolate specific sensory concepts, such as size, colour, shape, sound, and texture children begin to understand their world and the physical properties that assist in categorization.

Language Children develop language so organically yet in observable stages and gains. At this age, language enrichment is facilitated through naming exercises, books, art and music, with a focus on vocabulary.


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