Mildenhall Montessori Middle School

The Montessori Middle School program is designed to support the particular developmental stage of early adolescence. It is a unique social and academic environment that engages them intellectually, supports their own personal development and provides them with real experiences of adult life.

In a study comparing traditional middle school programs and Montessori middle school programs, results indicated that Montessori students reported a significantly better quality of experience in academic work than the traditional students. Montessori students felt more active, strong, excited, happy, relaxed, sociable, and proud while engaged in academic work. They also enjoyed themselves more, were more interested in what they were doing, and they wanted to be doing academic work more than the traditional students (Rathunde, 2003).
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An inspiring and empowering educational experience that uniquely supports our students in being amazing.


Adolescence is a time for growing interest in adult roles and adult society. Our young adolescents want and need to picture themselves in the larger world, to imagine adult life, to try on occupations. It is also a stage in which they are making connections between themselves, others, and the spaces they inhabit. A period during which they are seeking a context to which they belong and contribute. The Montessori Middle School is an educational environment that extends safe exploration of the classroom into the city. Ultimately empowering and equipping successful, confident, and resourceful teenagers to manage their lives.

This program involves rigorous academic, physical, and social challenges, wherein each student is called upon to contribute both large and small acts of leadership and responsibility. We support growing minds and bodies with time for reflection, creative self-expression, debate, and hands-on connections to nature, the surrounding community, and the world.

Primary Goals 

A core theme of the approach is that at all levels education is a preparation for life. This is why MMMS is an authentic community experience for adolescents with an aim to not only prepare you for high school or even university, but for life.

All aspects of the curriculum will incorporate the following key goals:

  • The development of the intellect
  • The development of personal identity and well-being
  • Self-expression
  • The development of community and identity within community
  • Effective communication with peers, younger people, and adults
  • Introductory understanding of economic skills
  • Learning to accept responsibility
  • The value of physical and mental work

Program goals include specific experience with:

  • Intentional Community

Students should feel like they are leaving a safe, comfortable home with their families and arriving in a safe, comfortable home-like learning environment at school.   We believe that this type of environment is vital during the potentially difficult time of early adolescence. You will learn to cooperate with a diverse group through physical and intellectual work and study, and will understand personal needs in relation to the whole community.

  • Differentiated Instruction

Montessori education seeks to identify and support every student’s individual learning style. A close working relationship with your advisor results in a sense of belonging and responsibility.  It is also how we all – including you – will ensure that your particular learning needs are addressed in a manner that is most effective for you.

  • Academic, Physical, and Social Challenges

Students will be called upon to make choices within limits, contribute large and small acts of leadership, be accountable to the “team”, and push the limits of what is presently possible in your own minds.

  • Travel and Study

During the school year, you will participate in various trips that complement and extend the curriculum.

  • Environmental Stewardship

The indoor and outdoor environments will include access to local and provincial wetland areas and surrounding woods, as well as recycling facilities, water conservation technologies, rainwater catchment facilities, and solar panels.


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