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The French program at Mildenhall Montessori Schools uses the distinctly successful Accelerated Integrated Method (also known as the “Gesture Method”). The unique use of gestures and the immediate instruction of key words, support our children in communicating only in French while in the class. The visual and kinesthetic aid provided by the gestures eliminates the need to translate back into the first language, while the immediate introduction of the most useful and highest-frequency words gives students the tools they need to communicate from the very first class. By combining these particular research based strategies, this method accelerates learning to the extent that 100 hours of instruction results in a working proficiency in the language. In addition, the highly participatory and active learning environment in an AIM classroom supports a range of abilities and learning styles.

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Though our son did not have French in his previous school, he learned quickly with the AIM program. Our son eventually won the French award in his grade 8 year.  – Parent of 6th year graduate.


By the end of the Upper Elementary program, our children frequently enter advanced French classes in their middle and high school programs. Most importantly, our children look forward to their French classes, sing and recite the songs and poems at home, and naturally integrate the language into their daily lives. Our teachers hold diplomas for French as a Second Language and train other teachers in the methodology.



The Music program is based on Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodaly philosophies. The children participate in choirs and learn to play musical instruments. Upper Elementary students at The Mildenhall School and High Park Gardens also receive drama instruction. Multiple performances are planned throughout the school year for family, friends, and community members. By the end of Upper Elementary, all of the children are proficient in at least one instrument. Our music teachers are certified by the Royal Conservatory of Music as teachers of the Orff and Dalcroze Methods.


The Elementary Art program combines visual arts with art history and enhances the students’ classroom stories, projects and timelines. Student art enlivens the hallways and classrooms at all locations. Their art is also displayed in community galleries, libraries, and cafes. Our art teachers have specializations in art education, in addition to their Ontario Certified Teacher qualifications.


Dedicated physical education specialists lead our students in structured games and sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf and floor hockey as well as swimming, skating, hiking and karate. Children frequently participate in additional athletic clubs at school such as yoga and running. Many students are also athletes in city organizations. Our specialists hold advanced university degrees and additional training credentials. They also coach gymnastics at the Toronto Gymnastics Institute and have trained a number of professional athletes.



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