Summer is a time of contradictions. Our children are on vacation from school while most parents continue to work their busy schedules. We long for the nostalgic summers of ice cream trucks, long hours of exploring the city, the forest, the lakes, and cottages; hours of unscheduled spontaneous time. Instead we end up scheduled, shuttling children from camp to camp. There’s lots of fun, but not always the fun we anticipated. Our children have lots of options in Toronto – consider that one option is low key, non-competitive social and fun camp days that aren’t only about learning new skills, exposure to greater cultural experiences, engagement in entirely new social and emotional environments. High Park Gardens Montessori and Taddle Creek Montessori offer weeks of summer camp to our enrolled children. These camps are focused on fun, social time, easy schedules led by children’s interests, and hours of free play. This is an easy way to introduce your newly enrolled child to some of the other children, meet some of the teachers, and become a natural part of the Mildenhall Montessori community before starting school. Contact either school with questions about camp. Happy Summer Days!