There are so many toys on the market – not to mention apps on our cell phones and ohter devices – that make claims to be “educational”.  Recent research neatly disputes these claims by identifying that it is the interactive nature of language between people that supports acutal learning and growth of language skills.  As it says in  the article “Toys just aren’t responsive enough”.

In our Toddler, Casa, and Elementary classrooms children are encouraged to talk freely.  Montessori long ago recognized that learning happens out loud, through discussion and engagement.  In hearing their own words and those of others, our children develop increasingly complex thinking patterns and neural histories of words, syntax, and ideas.  It is a noticeable difference in our communities that our hard at work children are not expected to do so silently.


If you are new to our website, we are a community of three Toronto Montessori Schools located downtown, in the West End, and in Etobicoke.  We invite you to look over the website, check out the casa curriculum , or the elementary program, even the newly launching Montessori Middle School at our Etobicoke Montessori location.


We are certain you will want to visit in person after doing so.  We look forward to meeting you.