(U)Labs is a youth hosting a 2-day mentorship event at C.J Skateboard park in South Etobicoke on November 14-15.

More and more innovative youth programs are working directly with children to motivate and support them into their futures. By focusing on their interests (rather than those that adults believe children should be interested in), these groups capture our youths’ hearts and souls.  The intrinsic motivation that comes from working at something that one has chosen is a core feature of a Montessori School.  Instead of applying content, Montessori programs from Casa through Elementary inspire interest and provide the support to develop the skills to learn facts, make connections between ideas, and maintain a broad perspective.

As an Etobicoke Montessori school we are excited to see such initiatives offered in our neighbourhoods.  For more information about [U]Labs, go to www.labs4youth.com