Hayley Toane

high park gardens montessori school | music

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Where have you lived in the world?

I was born in Edmonton and have lived in Edmonton and Toronto.

What have you studied? How long have you been a teacher?

I studied in Edmonton and completed a Theatre Arts Diploma from Grant MacEwan College, Level 1 Orff Certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Grade 10 Voice certificate from RCM, Kindermusik certification, and a Montessori Assistants' Course from AMI. I have taught for 12 years. 

What is something you are really good at?

I am really good at singing in many languages, being a hostess to guests, cooking fabulous meals, public speaking, and training dogs.  

What do you like to do when you aren’t at school?

When I am not at school, I like performing with my band (The Swell Tones), spending time at the cottage, canoeing, hosting guests on Airbnb, playing piano, running, swimming, and video games.  

What is something not everyone knows about you?

If you knew me really well, you would know that my family practices Transcendental Meditation and that has always been a huge part of my life.  

What are some of your most favourite things?

I'm obsessed with my Yellow Lab, Winston; I like the recorder more than I would probably admit; my guilty pleasure is reading dystopian novels (especially if they are YA).