The Mildenhall School.

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For the academic year of 2018-2019, we have 95 students enrolled aged 2 1/2 to 14 years.

We have two Casa classes, one Lower Elementary, one Upper Elementary, and a Middle School. The Montessori program is enhanced with French, music, art, and physical activity.

We also have large playing fields used for sports and recess, as well as access to a community playground across the street. Our Middle School students direct an organic gardening and seeds project in the planted gardens. 

After School Clubs are offered for different sessions during the year. Drama, dance, sports, art, sewing, crafts and other activities are led by school staff for Elementary and Casa students. 


The Mildenhall school

35 Ourland Avenue | Toronto Ontario | 416.259.2822
Our office is open from 8:30am to 4:00pm



Programs Provided.

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A Student Perspective.

I am a Mildenhall Montessori student.  I have been going here for about 2 and a bit years. I've been part of two of the programs: Upper Elementary and now I’m in the second year of Middle School. I love coming to school almost every day because the teachers are the most kind teachers you will ever meet. Also you learn at your own pace, which is a good thing since not everybody learns in the same way. My past experiences were not great at other schools and since I've been coming here I've felt way better socially. I'm excited to start as a grade 8 and I am excited to finish this year ready to move on.

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A Parent Perspective. 

It was just supposed to be a year, a dash of Montessori pre-school before local kindergarten. But our boys have stayed, and Casa has been followed by Lower and now the end of Upper Elementary years.

What has kept us there? A sense of home: school as a place of work, but also a place of kindness and care. Notions of courtesy and inclusiveness, with friendships spanning years and genders. The magic of the three year cycle: mentoring by older students and mentoring younger children in turn. The early pride of filling a booklet with cursive writing; now independent projects on animals, history, novels, whatever fires them up, which they are encouraged to follow to the fullest degree possible.

I have never heard my sons say they didn't want to go to school. Which is what every parent wants to hear.



A Teacher Perspective. 

The first time that I visited a Montessori classroom, I was blown away by the purpose with which the students moved and the thoughtfulness of each material in the classroom. I was intrigued!

I wanted to know more, so I completed Montessori training, and am now fortunate to have a classroom of my own. Mildenhall is a true representation of all that a Montessori school should be. It is a privilege to be a part of the team, and it is a true honour to witness the accomplishments of my students each and every day. 

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Nick Raymond


Nick is our Interim Principal for 2019-2020. He holds his Montessori training from NAMTA and Toronto Montessori Institute, his B.A. from Dalhousie University and his B.Ed. from Lakehead University.

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