The hours don't have to be boring...

Simple activities ignite wonder in children.

It’s easy to overlook opportunities for our littles to participate in their daily lives. It’s hard to slow down when it comes to the “things that need to get done”, like meals, laundry, tidying, cleaning, and more. If those are chores (with a big capital C) in your life, you aren’t alone. Those activities are often things that we try to rush through, feel like we have no time for, don’t prioritize but stress about, and can feel really alone and unsupported when doing them.

But here’s a funny thing: do you also find yourself spending a lot of time trying to occupy or entertain your babes? Ever feel like the hours are SO long even though you don’t feel like you've done anything? I am not talking about the times when you feel connected and at peace with your children - I am talking about the times when you are trying so hard to be present but it’s boring, or they are irritable and you are grouchy, or you are running from one play time to another. There’s a solution.

Simple activities ignite wonder in children.

Those activities listed above are not chores with a capital C for your toddler. In fact, she would love to spend a long time sweeping the floor, emptying the dishwasher, moving laundry from the washer to the drier one item at a time. Our kids want to participate and are fascinated by what you do everyday. If you can find ways to include them in those tasks you might find that those chores become mindful and enjoyable activities that build connection, concentration, and participation. Start with one small thing and consider how your child can participate - he might surprise you with how capable and enthusiastic he is. No pressure just an opportunity.

I love this quick blog post of one mom’s memories of one of her family’s favourite food prep activities.