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For the academic year of 2018-2019, we have 120 students enrolled aged 18months to 12 years.

We have two Young Peoples’ Community classes, three Casa, and one Elementary (ages 6-12) class. The Montessori program is enhanced with French, music, art, and physical activity.

Listed as a historical site, the house and coach house were built in 1911, and renovated in 1984 and again in 2008. There is a variety of outdoor space, including a playground, school-community garden, zen-meditation garden, and an amphitheatre space.

After School Clubs are offered for different sessions during the year.  Drama, dance, sports, art, sewing, crafts and other activities are led by school staff and invited specialists for Elementary and Casa students.


High Park Gardens

35 High Park Gardens | Toronto Ontario | 416.763.6097
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Programs Provided.

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A Student Perspective.

Zidane - age 8

I like that we get to go to special field trips. It is fun to do track and field and all the other sports events. I love all our specialists. I like when Ms Hoda takes us to High Park and I like working with her on geometry and culture. I like that we have lots of choices.

Sofie - age 10

I have many things I like about HPGM, but one of my favourite is hanging out with the toddlers. I love to see them, at the start of the year and the end of the year, like at the start they are all crying, then at the end they are all holding hands and hugging each other. It amazes me how much they change in just a couple months. I like playing with the toddlers because they are just the best.

Amelie - age 9

My favourite things about High Park Gardens are: Field Trips because they are very fun, Recess because I get to play with all my friends, music because I love to play all the instruments and learn fun new songs, gym because we get to play fun games and run around. My favourite part is spending time with my friends! Thank you Ms Hoda for helping me with all my work!

Cecilia - age 7

I like science it’s soooo fun! All the experiments. Lunch. I love the food everyday the food is great!!! I like arts and crafts with Ms Hoda.

Arlo - age 8

I like recess. I like the books because it gives me a break.

Rees - age 7

I like school because I learn about dinosaurs. I like gym because we play with Ms Hoda. I like recess because it’s play! I like science.

Violet - age 8

I like school because it is fun. I like helping my friends.

Sydney - age 8

I like the gym because it’s fun. I like music because we play instruments. I like to work because it’s fun. I like art because we draw. I like my friends because they are kind.



A Parent Perspective. 

As parents, we feel that a Montessori education is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children.

We have enjoyed watching our daughter blossom academically, socially and in all practical aspects of life during her three years at HPGMS. 

At the age of five, our daughter is incredibly articulate, eager to read to us, writing stories and solving simple math problems. During our most recent vacation, it delighted us tremendously to hear our daughter count to sixty in French and request a violin from Santa for Christmas.

Our friends always praise her beautiful cursive handwriting, which is rarely seen at such a young age. In addition to its strong academic curriculum, the HPGMS has a compassionate and supportive staff that truly care for the children. 

As parents, it is comforting to know that our child is always in such good hands. We cannot wait to enroll our second child at the School!



A Teacher Perspective.

I love working at HPGMS because it helps me keep the joy of childhood alive.  It is also so amazingly close to High Park which is a huge asset for encouraging children to explore nature.

As a teacher I appreciate all the things that are great about our school: the respect, the freedom to express yourself, kindness, understanding for others, the atmosphere, the excellent staff, lots of opportunities for learning, and a welcoming and safe environment.

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Lee Gair,

Hon.BA., AMS


Lee has been the dynamic and inspiring Principal of High Park Gardens Montessori School for 10 years. Lee has an Honours BA in Art and Art History with a minor in Gender Studies.

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